Brain EP

by Once And Future Band

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Brain 08:46
Everyone knows ‘cept yourrself that these phases are fleeting time to take stock and face up to the path life is leading watching your eyes with your eyes and seeing through death’s disguise every awake finds the wake of the black water breaking watching your eyes with your eyes and seeing through beauty’s disguise life is a game when you win you begin to start losing you fight to get by to grow old and then die alone with nothing but watching my eyes with my eyes seeing through death’s disguise photographs end and here come your friends in the abyss you feel tenderly kissed and unaching and there’s no appeal to seek out the next one to forsake you ‘cept when i watch your eyes and see through your lies love is a game when you win you begin to start losing and all that remains is an old set of plans that’s abandoned reel turns around and I play the clown get out my life and let me be leave me free to leave me free looking ahead with no backward glances
Destroy Me 05:34
ticking off the days of the calendar watching them fall away in a neat little pile on the kitchen shelf next to the microwave you walk in and I look away hoping to disappear if I meet yr eyes then it multiplies til’ yr kindness draws me near skipping ahead in a mystery to know how the deed was done I was shocked to see when the killer went free the detective ate his gun there was blood on the wall and a curtain call as I planned my escape like a diamond shines in the darkest mine the spotlight found my face destroy me tin toy me or so they say one time he let tiny dreams slip away ticking off the days of the calendar watching the numbers fade and they blow around the room like a burst balloon still trying to fly away there’s a hole in the sky where you go when you die I hear good things happen there we could leave today but I forgot the way it was written on the air destroy me tin toy me or so they say one time he let tiny dreams slip away
We’re the old brain we’re the old brain and we’ll never be happy again we’re the new pain we’re the new pain ‘cuz they sold us the snake oil and they salted the good soil and dried up the rain we’re the new scene of the fracturing dream we’re the old brain we’re the old brain and our power could light the way ‘cuz there’s a lot to see and more people to free ‘cuz they been sold the same stuff and for some it can be enough help me explain we’re the new power they’re the crumbling tower let us show them the turnstiles but be polite to the exiles you’ll see them again we’re the new gleam of the skin on the stream
Heavenly Bodies parading tonight vie for a glimpse of their harrowing light hope they are kind and of mind Pluto and Titan don’t frighten my cause approaching the sisters i’m given no pause I’ll show them electric guitars (play, will he play, will he play?) Heavenly Bodies please no rebirth I remember the discord of time-addled earth and felt I so weak as a child


"2017’s self-titled debut album by Once And Future Band landed like the birth of a starchild—fully formed, otherworldly, yet comfortingly familiar in its contours: Pink Floyd, ELO, Queen, Steely Dan, and Beach Boys rearranged into an unapologetically poignant pop moment, underpinned by four guys that could play their way out of a Faustian bargain. While waiting for whatever warlock’s potion they are brewing up next, they’ve pulled the maxi-EP Brain from the vaults for a moment in the sun. All of the expected mastery is at play here; enough chops to make a vegetarian’s mouth sweat, songs that tug at the heart while they play tricks on the mind, and with the steady hand of a of studio wizard sprinkling stardust around the edges just so." - Matt Jones (Castle Face Records)


released March 16, 2018

Once & Future Band is :
Joel Robinow - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Eli Eckert - Backing Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Raj Ojha - Drums, Percussion, Synth Programming

Phil Manley - Lead guitar on outro of “Brain” and echoplex performances
Danny T. Levin - Played, arranged, recorded horn arrangements on “The Old Brain”

Engineered by Phil Manley and Raj Ojha at Lucky Cat Recording and OKR Studios.

Produced by Raj Ojha

Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering
Album artwork and design by Chris Appelgren
Photography by Uri Korn (Gate Fold Version)


all rights reserved



Once And Future Band Oakland, California

Music from Oakland, CA.

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