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Deleted Scenes

by Once And Future Band

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Jelle Spijker
Jelle Spijker thumbnail
Jelle Spijker I can't say enough great things about the album; superb songwriting that speaks to my heart combined with masterful musicianship.
Norm Fischer
Norm Fischer thumbnail
Norm Fischer This is fabulous proggy Jazzy fun. Great chord changes, sly lyrics (on those with them). Throughout sounds like they are just having so much fun. Favorite track: Deleted Scenes.
Benjamin van Geest
Benjamin van Geest thumbnail
Benjamin van Geest I'm madly in love with this band. The bitter sweet melodies, chord changes and lyrics got me hooked the moment I heard segments of the first song I ever heard from this band, 'Problem Addict'. Hard to pick a favourite. Seriously good! Favorite track: Several Bullets in my Head.
Ghigigi thumbnail
Ghigigi Deleted Scenes is exactly the sort of album I was hoping for out of OAFB. They took the upbeat, prog-pop of their debut, stripped away most of the bloat, and added in some more adventurous elements.

Full review here: Favorite track: The End and the Beginning.
Pierre78 thumbnail
Pierre78 Outstanding album! The spirit of Steely Dan ... cool and brilliant. A must have! Longue vie à Once And Future Band Favorite track: Automatic Air.
wafiii thumbnail
wafiii Sophisticated jazz pop that brings smiles to my face, joy to my being. It's retro while feeling totally modern, melodic pop with those jazzy under- and over-tones in the way that few bands have done before. (Steely Dan is one that comes to mind.) Favorite track: Problem Addict.
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Andromeda 04:06
ANDROMEDA I’m just looking for someone to sing my songs to I’ll love her even though she’s strange and she won’t care that I’m insane and for her love I’ll wait this lonely lifetime if i have to I can see you now your crooked little mouth I’m just waiting for someone to share my silences We’ll never need to fill dead air cuz breathing proves we’re still here and for her love I’ll wait this lonely lifetime if I have to please let it be you (Andromeda) oh please let it be you (Andromeda) I’m just waiting for someone to waste my time with and by ourselves we won’t be bored we’ll fall in love without a word and for her love I’ll waste this lonely lifetime if I have to
AUTOMATIC AIR I am a stranger to love I lie awake and look into the dark and wait for my movie to start I sit alone in a windowless room waiting for someone to release me I am a stranger to love (stranger) I am a stranger to love (stranger) I am a stranger to love (look into the dark) I am a stranger to love (look into the dark)
PROBLEM ADDICT They paid me in gold to find where the night meets day The Queen blew a kiss as I sailed out across the bay I soon met misfortune among the salt and spray I’m just a sailor who long ago lost his way They sent me to war where I ditched my gun and hid In a ditch with the dead ‘til the reaper descended She swooped in like a swallow and swallowed me whole I’m just a soldier who long ago lost his soul Wandering the halls of my own penitentiary Hauled every stone and placed each one so carefully Rounded up my enemies and locked them all away with me I’m just a jailer who long ago lost the key
Freaks 02:16
FREAKS you used to say that we would always be together but I knew it was a lie cuz everybody dies, even the memory even when we were only in it for pleasure but I never really minded, always helped me to unwind I didn’t see the danger so I’ll take a new girl to town and let everybody see that you’re no longer around I won’t be anybody’s clown why does it seem that everybody’s staring at me at least you freaks all got someone there you are standing at the bar with another he’s about as cute as me and as dumb as you can be for a Harper’s author I walk up to you with a smile and my eyes betray that I’m completely lost without you tell me why are you amused why does it seem that everybody’s staring at me at least you freaks all got someone and I just can’t face the press I’m sizing up the window for convenient egress and I can’t quite recall the rest go away I don’t know what I’m tryin to say at least you freaks all got someone
Mr. G 03:25
DELETED SCENES I was dancing at Hungry’s you said you had a part for me I made my debut with modest ado you hid me underneath the marquee I fell into your spotlight you said give em that easy smile then the orchestra swells and the credits rappel but I haven’t seen my name for awhile disappearing into you letting myself fall away was all that I could do to make room for you now there’s only you and I’m gone like some late night movie you’ve seen a thousand times before I wait for my cue but there’s somebody new I’m falling to the cutting room floor Disappearing out of view found someone who fits the frame better than I do doesn’t matter cuz the camera’s on you anyway there’s no place in this town for yesterday’s ingenue I’m leaving your shadow maybe there’s a light that’s mine and the orchestra swells and the credits rappel I haven’t seen my name for awhile haven’t seen my name for awhile
Airplane 03:57
AIRPLANE airplane how does it feel to fly my love away to not be back again cold rain how does it feel to rush upon my skin just tell me where I begin distant light on a wall and a tram’s sullen toll she lies there sleeping under your awning as I turn out my gaze to the swiftness of days distant light on a wall and a tram’s sullen toll she lies there sleeping under your awning as I turn out my gaze to the swiftness of days airplane what can you give to a man on the ground silent except for the sound


"The space-age songsmiths of Once & Future Band have been ting-tinging away on the truly heavy anvil of hominid perspective and emotion again to bring you this singing scape of songs. Annealing for over a year now, until it was cool enough to hold in your ears, nested in the pinnae, the time has finally come.

Dew drops pop and hiss as they settle on the gliding guitarmonies.

Once & Future Band have outdone themselves this time around, in my opinion. If songs could stop heated exchanges by mere presence, these are the ones, and more needed than ever.
As I tuned in to each new transmission, each step closer to this perfect platter, I had to stop and do nothing else, and merely absorb how wonderful this album is. Each tune exists in the company it was born to live with. There are haunting chorale escorts here...long trains of room warmth...the belting of the machine heart...lofty guitar and bass melange...and just beautifully laid to magnetic tape with a sure hand by the throbbing brains that are Once & Future Band

for fans of
Roy Wood, Idle Race, ELO, Roxy Music, Head Hunters, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, The Lord Bowie, The Band, and the soundtrack from every movie that ever pierced your cold, cold heart”
- John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees, Castle Face Records)


released April 10, 2020

Once & Future Band is

Joel Robinow - Vocals, Backup Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Twelve String Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Strings.

Eli Eckert - Electric Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backup Vocals.

Raj Kumar Ojha - Drums, Mixing & Recording Engineer.

Additional Album Credits

Kendra Mckinley - Additional Backup Vocals on "Automatic Air", "Deleted Scenes" and "The End and the Beginning".

Danny T. Levin and David Moyer (DD Horns) - Brass and Woodwinds on "Andromeda", "Freaks" and "The End and the Beginning".

Isaiah Mitchell - Electric Guitar Harmonies on “Andromeda.”

Raze Regal - Additional Electric Guitar on "Problem Addict", "Several Bullets in my Head", "Mr. G", and "The End and the Beginning", and group vocals on “Problem Addict”.

Produced, Written and Arranged by Once & Future Band.

Engineered and Mixed by Raj Kumar Ojha at OKR studios in Oakland, CA.

Drums and Bass Guitar on “Andromeda” and “The End & The Beginning” engineered by Phil Manley at El Studio, San Francisco, CA.

Horns arranged and engineered by Danny T. Levin at Mushroom Stamp Productions, Long Beach, CA.

Cover Art and Layout by Christopher Appelgren / MOUTH


all rights reserved



Once And Future Band Oakland, California

Music from Oakland, CA.

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